Pasta and Pizza Costume

For the pasta gone wild costume I bought a colander at the Dollar store. I added Cream colored yarn and brown pom-poms (from Michaels). I used a red T-shirt and glued yarn and pom-poms to t-shirt and colander.

For the pizza costume I glued two triangle shaped materials into a pizza slice shape. Rolled end and hot glue gunned to make crust. Cut out veggies from felt and glue gunned. Shaded pizza crust with crayons to make crust more realistic looking. Got Pizza box and stapled to a hat.

5 thoughts on “Pasta and Pizza Costume”

  1. Love your costumes! They are so original, and I especially adore the colander/spaghetti costume. Great job!

  2. OMG! I love this! I made this for a school project on Italy… WE BLEW EVERYONE OUT OF THIS WORLD! We got an A+! Thanks!

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