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Eazy Pizza Costume with Pizzaz

This pizza had a little pizzaz! My daughter’s picture is in the yearbook with the “cafeteria lady” with this costume on.

I sewed some of it and hot glued some of it. You can do either or both. I didn’t use actual measurements or keep everything perfectly straight inline. I figured that that is how pizza is. I used two pieces of cardboard, white denim, white satin, red satin, red felt, hot glue, stuffing and gold glitter. I cut the cardboard into two triangles. Cover each piece of the cardboard with the denim. Leave the top about five inches open for stuffing.

Cut two red satin triangles and hot glue or sew them onto the “crust.”  I took ten pieces of white satin and cut them into shapes. I hot glued red felt circles onto them with drops of gold glitter. I glued those on both sides of the pizza. They’re the cheese and pepperoni. The glitter adds the pizzaz to the pizza.

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