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Coolest Pizzeria Family Costume

Since this is my son’s first carnival I thought to make a costume for all of us. I created Mario’s pizza, a familiar pizza enterprise.  What is a better solution than a pizzeria since we are Italian?

To create this costume it took about two hours and we used materials we had in the house. A white T-shirt cut on the back so it fits above my son’s cloth and looks like the apron of the pizza maker. We used a pizza cardboard for the signs and the table top based on the stroller. A simple scooter helmet and a pizza cardboard for the pizza delivery costume (my husband).

Old red and white checkered table cloth. Empty bottle of Fanta glued to the table top. Some photos of pizza in order to decorate the table and stroller.

I HOPE YOU love THIS IDEA AND THAT you insert US in your catalog since we find it very beautiful.

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