As a member of the Grand Rapids Original Swing Society that meets every Tuesday night and is open to the public, we created a costume pairing for an evening’s dance that was themed to Disney. My friend and I love to have a good time, and don’t have normal or reserved senses of humor by any means, so we were not afraid to stand out. And we did with our Nemo and Dory Couple Costume. There’s over a thousand members in the group and on a themed night where people are challenged to dress up, on average only 10% or less actually do. Most just attend in their normal day to day attire.

But not us. We painted our bodies bright neon orange, and fluorescent blue and made costumes that had us “swimming” the whole night as Nemo and Dory amidst hundreds of Swing Dancers. It was a riot. But my favorite part of the night was when little kids who happened to be there watching all the dancing with their families on the sides ran up to us and asked if they could dance with us. I think they thought we were real. We happily obliged and “just kept swimming” and making fish faces interacting with them and others all night.