Cool Finding Nemo Costumes

To make these Finding Nemo costumes, we bought simple tank tops and decorated them with paint, glitter glue and lots of sparkles. The headbands were a last minute addition, to create the fish eyes. Super easy just gluing foam balls and painting on the eye balls.

The fins were the hardest part but we ended up making simple arm bands and then hot gluing the dorsal fin on the back of the shirt. We used foam paper because it was thick enough to stand up by itself and have a wave so it looked like we were swimming.

We wore “fish nets” because we liked the pun. Super easy to make and what a reaction from everyone at the party!

Everyone wanted to help us find Nemo and wanted to get pictures with us. It was a blast to wear the costume because we could pull out so many poses and act in character. Received many compliments on the costume and everyone was impressed that we had made them ourselves. Wish we could re-wear them because they were so much fun to wear.

No one thought that we made the shirts by ourselves and they thought they came like that. But it was just basic painting and decorating to get the pattern perfect.

Besides that it is definitely one of the best costumes I have ever worn!

The make up was also fun to wear; such vibrant colors, sparkles and gems to look fishy. We were going to give ourselves gills and scales but ran out of time.

By the end of the night the arm bands got a little irritating, so that area would need some improvement, as they were slipping off all night, got itchy and were often in the way.

Quoting the movie was the best part of being this costume. “Just keep swimming”, “we touched the butt”.

Cool Finding Nemo Costumes

Cool Finding Nemo Costumes

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