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Original Last-Minute Costume Idea: Frost-Bitten Head

I moved to Summerside PEI and Halloween was quickly approaching. Not knowing a whole lot of people in the town I wasn’t too thrilled about celebrating Halloween, as the conventional tradition was to enjoy the event with friends from home. In August a friend I met on the island informed me about his annual party and how the attendance was typically high, but still I didn’t have the motivation to make or even purchase a costume.

One day prior to the Halloween event I decided to suck it up and enjoy what the island has to offer and attend the party. Did some general searches for homemade costumes online and came across this site and found the head in the freezer!! Instantly thought it was awesome! I quickly hunted down the custodian in the building to grab cardboard boxes, however she informed me of the benefits of using a sheet of styrofoam. On my lunch break I grabbed styrofoam and started to draw the design. After work I did the usual one hour commute home thinking of ideas to make this the greatest costume with whatever items in had kicking around the house. In one night I made this original last minute costume with whatever materials I had available.

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