The bed was made of a fridge cardboard box. I added a sheet on the top of it while the bottom has a bed skirt. There is a rope that was tied around my body with a cut out so my body would fit in. To move this I had to use my hands. The legs were fake with newspaper shaped into legs, attached the slippers. blanket put ontop.

The costume was easy, nightgown, wig, makeup plus used a green glow stick…cut it open and put it all over my nightgown and near mouth. The back was foam. I again had it wrapped in a bed sheet. Rope was used to put the arms up which were stuffed again and fake plastic hands roped to the headboard.

The headboard was also roped around my body at the bottom. We added some fake blood and the words just to make it more fun!  This got lots of looks! This is pretty much it!