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Original Homemade 2-Year-Old Run DMC Costume

My handsome 2 year old son and I decided to go costume shopping at Toys R Us. As soon as we got there you would have sworn the gates of heaven opened up b/c he was in his glory. I asked him to pick out a costume but he was so distracted by all of the other toys surrounding him he pointed to the very 1st costume he saw which was a glow in the dark skeletal costume.

We bought the costume and headed home. I wanted to see how it fit him so I put it on him and he went ballistic and started screaming he was scared. So at that point I realized 2 things, I needed a non scary costume and I had wasted money on the costume that he picked.

Later that night I was watching old rap videos and thought how cool it would be if I dressed him as a member of Run DMC. I jumped into action and ordered the Adidas tracksuit from Bed, Bath, and Beyond because they were the cheapest.

I bought him a pair of shell toe Adidas from Kids’ Foot Locker. That was the easy part.

Things started to get tricky and became a scavenger hunt when I went to pick out his costume jewelry and bucket hat. All the hats I found were for adults so that is when I said well he can wear a fedora that I found at The Children’s Place. The jewelry he had on comes from It’s Fashion.

Now for the most work but best part of the costume was the radio. I could have gone to Walmart and found all types of little gadgets to glue onto the recycled World’s Finest Chocolate box that I used but I decided to be more creative than that. I found odd items around the house and put it to use. An old box, duck tape, and 2 bottle tops. I cut everything from the recycled board and made s masterpiece. He absolutely refuses to part with his radio still to this day.

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