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Original DIY Woman’s Chanel Bag Costume

To make the bag I used :

  • Medium sized box
  • Quilted black fabric
  • Metal Chain
  • Gold Spray Paint

I Cut the fabric to size then I used fabric glue to stick it to the box, kept the box intact as I experimented with many boxes and took them apart but they lose structure! I then cut holes for my head and arms using scissors. I used a pot and a mug to get the right sizes for this because I’m not really into exact measurements!!  I used a separate box to make the Chanel logo, to get perfect circles I just drew around a CD and cut out the correct shape, took a few attempts! I sprayed the logo and the chain gold with good quality spray paint.

I wore the costume to a Halloween party held by my friends and am sad to say I didn’t even win the prize for best costume because a guy in a shop bought Mr Potato-Head costume somehow managed to get it! This isn’t the first time my glory has been stolen by a store-bought costume. The year before a man in a gimp mask won! I’m pretty proud of my costume making skills and I thought it deserved some recognition because its so pretty and I had to get several trains during rush hour carrying a very large box.

Original DIY Woman's Chanel Bag Costume

Original DIY Woman's Chanel Bag Costume

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