This is Mr. Kessler D. Quist, a big, bad, goofy wolf. I got his name from 80’s werewolf films, and his design from old cartoons and my imagination. While out and about, he loves to play tricks.

His head is carved upholstery foam, held together with hot glue. His eyes are painted plastic with screen as the pupils, where I see out of. The teeth and nose are made of Sculpey brand clay, as well as the claws. Both hand and feet- paws are carved foam, like the head, but the feet are built on shoes while the hands are built on fabric gloves. The tail is just sewn fur, stuffed with polyfil, and attached to the body with a belt. A jumpsuit-like pattern was used for the body, though it was brought it for a better fit. Foam padding is in the knees/thighs, ankles, and chest for effect. The bandanna is also something I made, just from a cute Halloween fabric I found. My mother helped me greatly with sewing the body.

The overall price is probably 200-$250, the fur being the most expensive item in this costume. Time invested was around a month.

“Kess” is a big hit wherever he goes. People always get a kick when I stick a water bottle in his mouth to get a drink, kids especially. (“Look the wolf is thirsty!”) Yes, the wolf is always thirsty! This costume can get very, very hot- but it is well worth the fun!