Coolest Wolfman Costume

I wanted to make all of the original “scary” monsters since last year. I was able to get done with two of them. Here is The Wolfman!

I found some stamps at a garage sale that were the heads of these monsters! So I carried The Wolfman around in my pocket for a week before I started on him. I bought a baseball helmet with a guard on clearance at WalMart and placed it on the manikin’s head and just stared at it…. Writer’s block?!?!?!

I bought about a yard of 1/2” fabric foam from JoAnn’s to build up the foundation. Little did I know what the end product would look like… I used the fabric foam and lots of hot glue to build up the foundation of his head. I drew where I wanted the eyes to be and started to just play with the foam. I tried to use plumbers insulation for pipes but I could not manipulate it as easy as the fabric foam.

My husband cut off the top part of the guard so my son could see out through his “mouth”. The guard then acts as his bottom jaw. I have used a baseball helmet in the past for other Halloween costumes and just worked around the mouth for us to see. In order for you not to see our face, we use a black mask that we can still see out of but camouflages our face.

I continued to add more and more layers of the foam. I really wanted him to look like the original guy and make the crown and top of his head exaggerated. I rolled the foam and created his lips and bottom jaw. I added a final layer on top to smooth out his head and then tried it on myself and had a horrible revelation that maybe I should go with Fat Albert! I was at a stand still… and mortified… How could I go forward when he looks like this?!?! So I decided to work on his teeth, toes, ears and eyes…

I made different sizes of toes with the fabric foam and hot glued them and then covered them with several layers of latex. I bought a gallon of liquid latex at a specialty shop for $35. It was so much cheaper that way. Plus I will continue to use it for several other projects. I used acrylic paint and mixed two different colors to get the right shade of light brown.

I bought a pack of ten artificial Halloween nails and painted them with brown acrylic paint. I had to add them to the toes with a two part epoxy since the hot glue was not going to hold them on. The fake fur was a remnant I got for about $2.50 at JoAnn’s- 2/3 of a yard! What a deal! I wrapped little pieces of fur around the toe and secured with hot glue.

I bought a pair of shoes at the Goodwill and sliced the tip of them open and stuck the toes so they looked like they were ripping out of the shoes. I would suggest that you angle them up higher then I did because as soon as my son had them on, he broke one of the nails off (so it looks like he just had a manicure on one toe – that epoxy really works!!). The epoxy has a working time of about 5 minutes and smells horrible!

I added a piece of foam under his chin to help contour his beard and hide my son’s neck. The eyes were wooden dowels that I painted with satin acrylic paints. When my husband was studying them, he was amazed how they even had an iris around the pupil. He did not realize that I had painted them. His nose is a piece of felt that I ultimately changed to black instead. Once I added the foam around his eyes and cheeks, it helped to make him look scary.

The next step was the worst. I used fabric stiffener, brown acrylic paint and the material, crinoline. This mixture is like using Elmer’s glue on fast set! I cut the pieces to fit around each area and then dipped it in the mixture of the fabric stiffener and paint. This somehow shrinks the piece so I had to cut more pieces to allow for shrinkage. It was when I was trying to apply it to the area that really tormented me. Every time I thought I was done in that area, It would stick to my fingers and come right off!! I finally got through with this step and he even has eyelashes!

I bought a pair of alien ears at a local Halloween store and covered them with the material and mixture. When they were dry, I hot glued them on to his head. I used a magic eraser to form his teeth and hot glued them onto his lower jaw. When I was going to start messing with his fur, I realized that his face is too dark for his fur!!! I had to paint his face over again to lighten it up. I used a comb to brush his fur back to hide the seams as I cut it. I used my hot glue gun to attach it.

His eyes are just sitting in the sockets which allows me to move them around. I used a small piece of fur around his cheeks as a finishing touch. All I did with the clothes was add fur that stuck out of the shirt and pants in several areas. Pictures just do not do him justice. He really is adorable in person!

Coolest Wolfman Costume 11

Coolest Wolfman Costume 11

Coolest Wolfman Costume 11

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