Every year at work they have invite people to bring their families to work for trick-o-treating, a bouncy house and a train ride at our office. I didn’t have a kid to take trick-or-treating becasue I was only 8 months pregnant. But I wanted some candy, so in order to go trick-or-treating without feeling too guilty, I decided to dress up my bump and take my bump trick-or-treating.

I searched online for a doll sized costume for my baby girl. I found a Wonder Woman  doll costume made for a 15″ doll. I pinned the costume to a shirt along. I made sure to pin everything from the inside of the shirt so you couldn’t see the pins. I also pinned a little bag to my shirt for the baby to get some treats. Then my bump and I went trick or treating around the office. Everyone loved the costume and gave me twice as much candy, one for me and one for the baby. It worked out great!