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Optical Illusion Bunny in Magician Hat Costumes

These Bunny in Magician Hat costumes were completely handmade.

The bunny outfits were made from white fleece and only 1/2 to waist where the hat rim was. We glued cardboard to the fleece to make it flat for the bottom of the bunny feet. We then glued pink felt cut in shape of paw bottoms, then made top of feet and legs and stuffed it with fiber fill and attached them to our sides.We did the same with the ears.

As for our hands – we got white gloves and individually cut and sewed the paw prints and pads. The bow ties were made of foam with pink fabric over it and used a snap to keep it in place. Whiskers were made from black pipe cleanse with small elastic sewn to it so you can wear them.

As for the hat itself, it was black fabric with quilting pad between to make it more stiff and red fabric added for hat rim. The hat rim was made mainly from a thick large box that was broken down and taped to stay hard. It was then cut with an Exacto knife to round it, then hot glued on both sides thick foam type poster board so it would not only make it thicker but also it would be easier to glue the black fabric to it. We then hot glued hat to rim, sewed bunny to hat and was all done.

These Bunny in Magician Hat costumes were all hand sewn, we did not use a machine, but I guess you could use one if you wanted. This is not too hard to make, it is just time consuming. It cost us about $60 to make and always use or buy fabric remnants if you can, it does bring the cost down.

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