I got my idea of my costume from the of fair I seen the Oogie Boogie costume dare and I thought about it that would be a fun costume and I can make it better so you not.

Every Halloween everybody want to be Jack skeleton or Sally for Halloween and Oogie is left out and nobody sales the Oogie costume. So when I started making the costume I wanted buy 5 yards of burlap, one roll of brown yarn, 2 bags of BUGS, 5 six of glue,1 hot glue gun, duck tape, a bag of cotton, 1 black permanent marker and 2pairs of old sneakers o and 2 cans of glow in the dark paint.

Once I started the costume we did the outline and started cutting the head the head was the one with the detail and the body was easy it took 3. Days to make it. So when I was done I tried it on and when out with my girlfriend she was dressed as a young version of ursela from the Lil mermaid and oh boy!

People got a kick out of my Oogie Boogie costume and Ursula people wouldn’t leave us alone they wanted take pics of me the most and that burlap get s hot and itchy inside but that didn’t bother me. Well that’s it I hope enjoy our pics.