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My Own Cool Mandalorian Costume Design

I started my costume back around February. I wanted a Mandalorian costume but I wanted it to be my own but still keeping with the bounty hunter tradition.

First, I sketched out what I wanted. Then I started with the helmet. The helmet and all the armor is made from floor mat foam. I picked up some Nerf guns and painted them. I found some leather belts at a pawn shop and some authentic WWII ammo pouches at a boutique.

I cut, formed and painted…for months. The most difficult part was securing the visor in the helmet.

I weathered it and made it battle damaged. Oh ya, I made a jet pack too. That was out of foam board, coffee cans, Pringles cans, spray bottles, and anything I could find that looked like it should fit. It was secured onto my back with magnets.

Come Halloween night, it was a hit! So many compliments. So worth it!

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