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My All-Natural Bob Ross Costume

My name is Kyle and I have a special little gift of being able to grow out my own Bob Ross inspired Fro! I’ve been growing out my hair for exactly 12 months – that’s right folks measures 9 inches tall and all natural! I found out I had this gift only 6 years ago since I made the commitment of letting my hair grow out for a year and people who saw me were completely shocked.

So, I brought it back in full force this year and grew my hair and beard out both from buzzed cut for only 12 months. 

My costume is simple and its very humbling to be able to bring back everyone’s fond memory of the one and only Bob Ross and the joy he brought to all of us! My outfit came from goodwill for under $5 and hand made my paint pallet. 

Every time I go out in my Bob Ross costume with my hair picked out everyone asks if they could take a picture and ask if they can touch my hair but most of the daring just pull on it to find out it is not a really perfect wig and they in fact just hurt me! I feel like a local celebrity with all the attention it brings so I wanted to share with you since it’s so popular when I go out here. I’ve won numerous Halloween contests already and still can’t believe just having a huge fro and beard could land me so much favorable attention! 

All you need is a loving wife’s support of letting you look unkempt for a year, a large pick, borrowing your wife’s hairdryer, and obviously the gift of curly hair. Hopefully this Bob Ross costume will bring everyone joy since it was a happy little mistake figuring out I could grow a fro! Happy Halloween!

Bob Ross a Happy Little Mistake
Bob Ross side profile

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