I’m a single mom who had my two oldest children at a very young age. But I try not to let that affect nor take away from us having fund and enjoying our life together. I get to do things I missed out on at their age and they get to do things they might not have had the opportunity to do it with their crazy mom as they like to label me.

So my daughter didn’t know what she wanted to be this year and she said she wished she could dress like me this year. Days later as we were watching tv & seen thing 1 & thing 2 we got a light bulb at the same time. She said she’d only dress up if I went as thing 2 and let her be thing 1. I agreed and as I began the search for our red tights and red long tees I got another light bulb to convince my oldest son to be Cat in the hat. He declined and declined and declined until the last minute.

So I used felt fabric for our thing 1, thing 2 pieces & the cat in the hat hat. I used black Levis & a black & white baseball tee for the cat shirt.