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Awesome DIY Little Mermaid Halloween Costumes: Ariel, her Daddy, and the Evil Sea-Witch Ursula

My daughter was 2 yrs old and loved The Little Mermaid. Plus I love doing family costumes (at least while my kids are still young enough not to have a say in it). So I had to do The Little Mermaid Halloween costumes.

There were tons of 2T costumes, but A) I couldn’t find any with a tail; they were all the Ariel Disney dress version that look nothing like the real Ariel, B) she was a tiny little thing, so a 2T wouldn’t have fit her anyway, C) I was several months preggers so needed a costume with a belly, and D) I must have some sort of clinical disease that makes me obsess way too much about Halloween costumes (and birthday cakes, but that’s a different post!).  Sooo, sewing machine it must be.  Here’s my family of sea creatures, complete with flotsam and jetsam boa and full sequin merman tail.

Making our Little Mermaid Halloween Costumes

For Ariel and Triton’s tails, sequin stretchy fabric and matching tulle.  Arial wore her gymnastics leotard and some painted and hot glued seashells for a top.  A red wig was out of the question since it would have looked ridiculous on her tiny little head.  Several cans of red hair spray later and a starfish barette (again, the trusty paint and hot glue), I have the most adorable Ariel ever.

King Triton’s Costume

For Triton, had to order the muscle shirt and beard/wig.  For the gold crown, spray painted a statue of liberty crown since I couldn’t find the perfect king of atlantica crown anywhere.  Spray painted a standard devil pitchfork for the trident.

Ursula’s Costume

Ursula, has to be my favorite costume for me before.  Found a $20 large sized black prom/bridesmaid dress at the thrift store–bonus: it was mermaid shaped and had purple stripes down the side.  sewed black satin fabric and an awesome purple polka dot fabric together to make 8 long pointy sleeve like tubes to stuff and wire and sew to dress for tentacles.  threw together some green felt with yellow eyes to make a 2 headed eel to wear as a boa, found an awesome white mohawk wig that i separated into crazy hair, made sleeve/glovelettes, seashell necklace and earrings, press-on witch nails, crazy purple eye shadow, giant eyelashes, and of course, cheek mole.

Conclusions from our Little Mermaid Halloween Costumes

It took a while for the 3 of us, but seemed super duper simple in my head.  I wish I had better pics :( but you get the idea.  Sidenote: I BEGGED my older son to be Prince Eric so we would have had the complete crew, but he refused.  Cherishing the last few years I have to dictate the baby’s costumes.

The Little Mermaid Halloween Costumes

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