Mario and Luigi Girly Style Costumes

Mario was really easy. To find stuff for the plain red was an easy color to get hold of . The Luigi green .. well that’s another story. I went to soooooo many different stores looking for a green shirt couldn’t find one that was plain anywhere, I mean anywhere! Finally I found one at Walmart but all they they had left was an XL, but it was a few days until Halloween and I needed a shirt so I got it and took it home cut and tailed it as best as possible!

Then I went to a Halloween store to find the Luigi hat I had seen just a few days before thinking my nightmare of finding the stuff  I needed was over but it wasn’t, the Luigi hats where sold out!! I eyed several other stores, everybody was out so I ordered a plain green flat bill offline praying it would get here in time. To my luck it did !

Now one day away from Halloween and  I had a plain green hat. That’s wasn’t going to work so I went to a craft store and I found all these girly cute blinged out jewelry to decorate my hat with. Then I found a big blinded out L for that hat ! So everything ended up working out great. I’m so happy because I was so sad and nervous because my friend who was Mario already had everything and I couldn’t bale on her!

People’s reactions to our costumes were so worth the hassle. We had at least 5 or 6 kids who were also dressed as Mario or Luigi taking pictures with us and asking us how we made our costumes. So happy everything turned out all right !

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