Coolest Homemade Maleficent Costume Ideas

My daughter immediately wanted a homemade Maleficent costume after seeing the Maleficent movie at the drive-in this year. Done deal. You’ll also find loads of homemade costume ideas and DIY Halloween costume inspiration.

Maleficent Costume by Susan from Cumberland

Coolest Homemade Maleficent Costume Ideas

My son is a villain fan and he wanted to have a Maleficent costume from Sleeping Beauty.

We used a cape my sister had made for a Harry Potter costume. We used purple felt and made a dress. Then we took a black snow face mask and sewed horns onto it for her horns and added some extra spiky collars to the back of the mask.

We took a large dowel rod and painted it green and topped it with a gold ball from my bakers rack for her staff. I bought the Raven at Michael’s. He wore a plastic purple ring and I painted his face with green and black makeup to make her spooky.

Total Spent: $35

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