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Lia’s Winning Shakey Washing Machine Costume: A Halloween to Remember

Lia, my sister, has a deep-seated passion for participating in local Halloween costume contests. She relishes the opportunity to showcase her creativity and have fun. However, the odds were often stacked against her due to the contest’s unique voting system – audience applause.

Since the winner was determined by the loudest cheers, contestants who had large families or groups of friends cheering them on held a clear advantage. Despite my enthusiastic shouts of support, which often left me almost voiceless, Lia’s chances of winning remained slim against the overwhelming applause of larger groups.

A Shift in the Rules and a Triumphant Victory

Fortunately, this particular Halloween brought a positive change. The event host, noticing the pattern of solo contestants being overshadowed by larger cheering groups, decided to adjust the rules. She recognized that Lia’s costume, the shakey washing machine, deserved recognition for its creativity and originality.

To everyone’s surprise and delight, the host announced that the shakey washing machine, with its fun movements and thoughtful design, was the rightful winner of the costume contest. Lia’s face lit up with joy, and her happiness was infectious. The costume garnered a flurry of positive comments, encouraging words, and pictures taken by passersby. Even a kind gentleman, impressed by Lia’s creativity, gifted her five dollars.

A Memorable Halloween and a Radiant Smile

The most rewarding aspect of the entire experience was seeing the radiant smile on my sister’s face. It warmed my heart to witness everyone appreciating the spontaneous and brilliant young woman I know her to be. This Halloween will undoubtedly remain etched in our memories for years to come. Happy Halloween to everyone!

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