Our 4 year old daughter could not decide if she wanted to be Princess Elsa or a Lego girl for Halloween.  We decided we would combine the two and make a Lego Princess Elsa Costume.

My husband conveniently works at a packaging company, so we figured  making a costume based on boxes would be easy.  We started with a medium size moving box from Lowes and cut it down to form her top.  So far so good.  This costume is going to be easy!  We decided to use board paper (what they use to press and make cardboard boxes/cartons) for the bottom part of her dress.  We cut out holes for the arms.  Almost done!  Not really.  The head posed quite a problem.  All the prefabricated materials we had thought of using (paper rolls, buckets, etc) were too big to sit on her body.  If we made the body any bigger, she would be uncomfortable.  After several attempts of cutting down buckets, trying to cut through layers of foam (as suggested on other website tutorials) we ended up forming the head out of the same board paper as the skirt.

For the hair we used spray foam insulation, which actually worked perfectly for the “natural” look of the hair.  My daughter and I detailed the dress with glitter glue snowflakes and painted the face together. We also decorated the crown and glued it.   At the last minute she told me we were missing the cape, so we used a plain garbage bag.