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Four Siblings with Awesome DIY Lego Ninjago Costumes for Kids

Here’s the story behind the Lego Ninjago costumes for kids I created for my four children (ages 10 to 4). If there is one thing they agree on, it’s Lego… specifically Lego Ninjago. The play sets, the movie, the TV series — they love it all. So when they *all* excitedly approached me about making their Halloween dreams come true, I got started!

To make the Lego Ninjago costumes for kids, I ordered Leveret brand solid-colored pajamas for each child, a different color for each Lego minifigure character. (They did not want to look like actual Lego pieces, but the human version of those pieces.) I also purchased coordinating balaclavas (thin ski masks) for each of them. I printed off my inspiration photos, made a couple of trips to craft and fabric stores for paint and accessory fabric, and got to work washing and drying my fabric pieces.

I traced a dragon design onto a plastic page protector, and cut it out to be my stencil— that was the hardest part. I used a dauber paint brush and metallic gold fabric paint for the stencil portion. I used the same dragon stencil, turned in different directions, on each ninja shirt. I free-handed the black lines and buckle details in pencil, then brushed on black puff fabric paint after the first coat of gold on the dragon designs had dried. I let each coat dry for a day before adding another coat or color. It took 3 days of painting, but I am really happy with how they turned out!

I cut knit fabric strips for the headbands, knee bands, and belts. The weapons were found at Walmart (and one we already owned from a visit to Legoland) in a 4-pack. My oldest daughter made herself a bow and arrow set with a bent tree branch, some twigs, and a length of elastic. Everything came together well after washing and drying the Lego Ninjago costumes for kids, and because we used good quality pajama sets for the base, they are comfortable, washable, and durable! My kids love these costumes!

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