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Last Minute Katy Perry Costume for a Girl

For this last-minute Katy Perry costume, we got the wig, gloves and skirt from Party City and the rest was all me! I used an old t shirt and fabric pens to decorate it with candy type pieces and used an old headband that I wrapped with tissue paper.

I cut the tissue paper into long strips and slowly wrapped them around the headband until the end where I sealed it with hot glue. Next I roughly cut out two hearts shapes. I glued one heart shaped piece of paper to a heart shaped cookie cutter. I then glued the other piece to the unwrapped side and to cover the seal, I cut another thin strip to put around the edge of the heart to finish it off. I then used the hot glue gun to attach the heart to the headband. We used some candy jewelry that she already had. I then pulled up the music video on my phone so that I could easily screenshot some face pics so I would be able to accurately recreate her makeup look. She was more excited because people even strangers knew who she was trying to be and that her mom made it for her!!

Last Minute Katy Perry Costume for a Girl

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