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Last Minute Hot Air-Balloonist Costume for Halloween

I had a Halloween party for my dance team that very day and still had no idea what to be until I was inspired by the Up movie. I started being creative and found a brown straw basket that I cut out the bottom of and fit my hips around. I tied string from the basket to my shoulders so the basket would not fall down.

I found a brown leather jacket in my closet along with my riding boots with some skinny jeans and a hat with my brother’s sunglasses on top of my head. I went to HEB in the balloon section and the lady blew me up a huge balloon. If I had had time, I would’ve decorated the balloon a little better but to save time I tied the balloon under my jacket with string. The balloon took quite a while to fit in my little Toyota Yaris but it successfully fit…an hour later after I practically removed everything from my vehicle to make it work.

My team could not believe my crazy and quick costume and out of more than 100 girls I won best costume. It was so worth it and so creative; I was extremely proud of myself.

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