We were all working in the Meat Dept and trying to come up with a clever “Meat Themed” costume we could still work in. All of the stuff I saw online hotdogs and steaks were too bulky for us to work in. So I brainstormed and looked in the closet and was able to get together some outfits to be the Racing Sausages.

There’s a hotdog, bratwurst, Polish, Italian, and chorizo. We used the cardboard cutout from the store to be the Italian, I was the german brat, then we had the chorizo and polish represented (hotdog got sick at the last minute). Our Klement’s Rep from the factory even came out to take pictures of us for his boss. for my brat out fit I made a hat and suspenders out of felt and cut it to look like ledderhosen, the hat I used the felt and formed it into a fedora shape and sewed it, then hot glued some ribbon and feathers I had from my farm’s rooster I had collected as he molted. Then I went to thrift store for sunglasses and a Milwaukee Brewer’s hat. We got the shirt striped shirt from Walmart. For the chorizo I had a little sombrero I had found at the mall for my cat for cinco de mayo so I just glued that to a headband. We used black duct tape to make our racing numbers. The Klement’s Sausages race every Milwaukee Brewers MLB home game.