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Original Girl’s Group Costume: Sexy Hunters and Deer

The hunters we just got a lot of the pieces at Walmart or borrowed camo clothing from friends. We wore a lot of orange, camo and anything bright you would wear in the woods . We carried little toy guns and plastic knifes. One girl just wore black shorts then cut up a camo tshit and the deer we bought the antlers online and took brown shirt and pieces of white cloth to make the belly’s! We just glued them on and put white dots on their faces. The deer then put little targets all over their bodies, mostly on their butts as a joke.

For shoes the hunters wore boots, any kind would work–basically anything you would hunt in our walk around outside. The deer wore boot boots their already owned. It was a really cute and simple idea that doesn’t take a lot of material. We had half the stuff already laying around.

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