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Last Minute Forrest Gump Group Costume

I always create a fun and original costume for myself every year, but this year I ended up roping the whole family into it. To start off we found all clothing at local goodwills and thift stores.

We reviewed pictures and tried to match the costumes as close as we could. We also printed off a bubba gump shrimp co logo and just clear taped it on to the hat for mr gump himself. For lt dan I took panty hose and stuffed it with pillow batting from walmart. Used pony tail holders to secure it from falling out. Used shorts and a belt to give the look of real legs and put the belt around my fathers pants. The flag was then placed over his real legs. A local community center rents wheel chairs for free so we were able to use this one. and attached the flags to the back of the wheel chair. With a brown eyeshadow we were able to give the look of a scruffy face and ugly used halloween wigs and weeves to give the look of long hair. with cardboard we made signs with quotes from the movie so even when apart people got the idea.

We won over $300 that weekend!

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