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Last-Minute Chuckie Finster Costume

This last-minute Chuckie Finster costume was really easy to make! I bought a plain blue t-shirt from Walmart as well as yellow, red, and lime green felt.  I used the felt to create the saturn, sleeve/neck rims, and squiggles on the shorts.  The shorts are soffes which I had already, but easily purchasable.

I bought a pair of plain white sneakers and painted them red.  As for my hair I used an orange headband and attached orange pipe cleaners which I had bent all crazy like Chuckie’s hair and I also used some orange hairspray (comes out easy).  The glasses were just a pair of plastic sunglasses that I popped the lenses out of, covered with masking tape, and colored with purple markers.

It was by far the BEST costume I’ve ever worn!  When I went out some people didn’t get the costume right away, but I think that was because I didn’t have the other babies with me. As soon as I told them I was Chuckie Finster they went wild!  It was such a fun costume to make and wear and it was super easy!

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