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Coolest Rugrats Chuckie Costume

This costume was a real piece of cake to make and cost almost nothing.

The shirt:

Bought a plain baby blue shirt at a craft store with a coupon so I think I spent like 3 dollars on it. Bought a yellow sticky felt sheet and a red sticky felt sheet to make the Saturn logo for the shirt. Simple peel and stick on shirt, no sewing needed for this costume. I chose to wear a red shirt under the baby blue to cuff the sleeves and have the red show like Chuckie does.

The shorts:

Found plain green shorts at a local discount store for 5 dollars. I ‘m a fan of sticky felt so I bought a green sheet to cut out the design to stick onto the shorts.

The Socks:

Get a pair of yellow socks, found mine at the dollar store. They were tall too which was perfect to scrunch them down.

The Sneakers:

I happened to have a pair of red sneakers so I lucked out there.

The Glasses:

Cheap pair of sunglasses. Popped out lenses and spray
painted them purple.

The Hair:

I found an crazy wig for 5 bucks and spray painted it orange.

Don’t forget to put on some freckles to complete the costume! If you want to get really creative and like props make a Reptar bar too.

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