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Coolest Chuckie Finster Costume

Last Halloween I was Chuckie Finster from Rugrats. It was a thrill for everyone. The Chuckie Finster Costume itself was the easiest thing to put together. I got green in a way cargo shorts and a sky blue tshirt from the thrift store. I used a yellow marker to make the little squiggles on chuckies pants. Then I took fabric paint to make the space ship on the shirt. For the shoes my friend just so happened to have the perfect ones, big clonkers that look like a big pair of red sneakers. For the hair I just teased my hair as much as possible and used a lot of hairspray then sprayed the whole thing with orange hair spray. I then made the square glasses out of card board and completed the perfect costume. I never had so much fun as a costume.

Everyone else thought it was a hit too!

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