I love going hunting with my dad and being our family is very involved with hunting I decided to make a costume out of it. Instead of going as the hunter I thought I would put my makeup skills to use and some of the branches you can buy at Walmart.

I bought some flower branches, a headband, some ribbon, and some foam sheets to make the antlers.   I started with the branches and cut them apart, then finding descent sized branches I then set them aside taking the ribbon and the headband I glued the ribbon to the headband to hide the black and add some color. After I did that I glued the branches to the headband and added flowers to hide some of the glue.

Taking the foam sheets I first cut a flat cone shape with a tail and then pulled the two ends together to make a cone like shape then I cut out the same shape in brown and white and then I cut the white to be smaller than the brown and then glued the white to the brown I then pulled the edges together and glued them. I then placed them under the antlers and glued them down to make the ears. I then paired the headband with a brown tank top and brown leggings along with a white cover up to represent the white on the belly of the deer along with brown shoes to represent the hoofs.

During school I was asked to be in the costume contest and won first place. It was really cool to see how people would react to a homemade costume instead of a store bought one. No one believed me when I said it was a costume I had made myself which makes this costume so worth wild. In the end I loved how my costume had turned out and I hope others can find this helpful.