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Sexy Glue Gun Deer Costume for a Woman

I love Halloween. But I also love money. So when Halloween rolled around my friend and I wanted to see how far we could go with just twenty bucks. Which lead me to the idea.  Bucks.  Or rather deer. I wanted a costume that also allowed me to paint my face which I had not done since I was a kid. So I figured, its fall (hunting season) and with Christmas around the corner I could possibly wear it to Christmas dinner! (Or not but I was telling myself that this was the costume of all seasons). So a doe I was..or buck or confused. I’ll get to that later.

So off to Walmart I went after checking out the fabric store (not wallet friendly). Imagine my surprise when I was cruising the blanket aisle and saw a throw. A brown throw, thin enough to be worn and fleecy for warmth (I live in a cold climate). Even better it was four bucks! Throw in some white felt and I was set!

Now at the time I had a cheap sewing machine. Christmas was months away and my new one was just a request for Santa. So when my old machine broke I did what and girl would do.  Break out the glue gun.

So my friend and I did all the measurements for the skirt and cut a hole in the middle for me to step into (least amount of sewing) and glue gunned Velcro for me to ensure the dress would stay on me. Next was my tube top which again we cut using an old tube tube as our tracer and hand sewed the top part (as the glue rubbed against my skin and hurt) and then glue gunned Velcro down the sides to I could take the shirt on and off and then make sure it stayed on. After cutting the appropriate white pieces (like my spots and tail) and glue gunning those on I was set. Or so I thought.

I still wanted more.  So I thought Antlers! So whipping out the iPad I was thrown back into grade four after I Googled the recipe and started creating antlers. I used an old wire coat hanger and wrapped it around a headband. I used masking tape and newspaper to give it shape and then started layering the paper mâché. Once it dried and I put it on my head I felt awesome. Yes, it was a little heavy and the wire hanger would slide around the base of the headband, but I whipped out the glue gun and glued that sucker into place. Since I had scraps left over from the brown throw (never ever throw out excess) I made two little ears and glued those puppies on the head band. Throw on my face makeup and I was set!

I was a hit except I forgot one detail. I totally didn’t make myself into a doe. I was a hybrid doe, buck and fawn all rolled into one. And people thought it was funny. I had large antlers like a male, spots on my back like a fawn and I was female (duh). But it worked, I looked like a “deer” and got a lot of compliments and disbelief over how it was simply a four dollar throw from Walmart!

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