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Easy Do-it-Yourself Lady Bug Costume Ideas

My daughter’s lady bug costume is store-bought, but the baby’s costume is homemade.

It’s a felt bodysuit, with studs at the bottom for easy removal and nappy changing! The front is made from black felt, and the arms, hood and back from red felt, with big, black felt circles sewn on. The hood is attached to the lady bug costume, with two black pipe cleaners (chenille sticks) with red pom-poms attached.

There is black elastic around the arms and legs, and black cord to tighten the hood. I think the matching costumes are adorable, especially because they are not identical, but age appropriate for each child.

Total Spent: $15 (Costume by Devora K., Melbourne, Australia)

Easy Lady Bug Costume for a Girl

Costume by Marija P., Ni, Serbia and Montenegro

Lady Bug Costume

My little lady bug in her lady bug costume was a hit. I made her a lady bug costume on my own and used more ideas than money.

Since she is a little girl (this was her second birthday) I needed just half a meter of red tulle.

I cut it into two long stripes (25 cm x 180 cm). Then I sewed up each piece and set them together. I had a stripe 3.6 meters long. In Serbia we call it a burdock stripe. That is a stripe that has two parts that can be set together as a burdock (I hope that you understood me). I sewed it on both sides of the stripe so that I could dress up my daughter easily.

I cut out some black circles (I used black linen) and glued them on the tulle. Then, I used black copper wire to make wings. Then I glued on tulle, glued on black circles and sewed on the burdock stripe (one side) – and I sewed on the other side on the body shirt.

She had black tights and red shoes. I made her two small ponytails and in order to make them look like antennas, I put on two black puffs.

Lady Bug Costume

I hope that I managed to explain the process of making this lady bug costume in a way you can understand because we have different expressions and different products.

Total Spent: $15-20

Cute Lady Bug Costume

Costume by Michelle M.

Lady Bug Costume

Ladybug costume how-to tips:

The ladybug costume body is a typical “bag” style outfit.  The bottom is completely open with elastic gathering it at the child’s legs.  Any square or rectangular fabric could be used to make this shape, just cut a hole for the head and two holes for the arms.  This is especially true for fleece fabric because the edges do not fray if left unsewn.  Any fabric could be used for this lady bug costume.  If you don’t sew even a red pillowcase could work.

The hat of the ladybug costume was sewn but I would suggest using a black winter hat and adding antennae to make it simpler.  The ladybug costume wings are made of large circles of cardboard covered in fabric or felt.  Just glue fabric on to the wings then pin the wings to the back of the ladybug costume.

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