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Coolest Homemade Ladybug Halloween Costume

I had been searching on EBay for different costume ideas for my daughter when I came upon the idea of making a costume out of a basic tutu and then adding the accessories. We chose to do a Ladybug this year. The costume on EBay ran anywhere from $45.00 to $125.00 but I knew I could make it much cheaper.

The materials I used were:
8 feet of red and black tooling;
an elastic waist band that did not roll;
various accessories to complete the outfit.

First, I measured my daughter’s chest and cut the elastic a little smaller and hand sewed it together. Next I cut 2 ½ inch strips out of both the red and black tooling. I took 3 strips together and tied it to the waist band, alternating red and black until all the elastic is covered.

For the accessories I bought:
a wide red ribbon with black dots;
a smaller red ribbon with black dots;
red and black striped tights;
a black long sleeve shirt;
a red and black feather boa;
a wooden ladybug, fuzzy cuffs, black fuzzy hairpiece, and a ladybug antenna.

Most were purchased at Hobby Lobby. I made bows out of the smaller ribbon and hot-glued them to the shoes and antenna to dress them up. I also glued a clip onto the wooden ladybug. With the wider ribbon I cut it long enough to tie to the elastic band and then wrap around my daughter’s neck. I basically put on the tutu, tied the feather boa around my daughter, and then clipped the wooden ladybug onto the boa. EASY!

To finish my Homemade Ladybug Halloween Costume, I wanted to add wings. I used two iron hangers and shaped them and twisted the ends together. I used yarn to wrap around the ends to secure them together. I had some red pantyhose that I used to pull onto the hangers. I pulled tight and cut the pantyhose and tied them together; I repeated this with the other side. I then wrapped more yarn around until all sharp edges were covered. I cut two long pieces of wide ribbon and tied them to the middle. They then were tied around my daughter’s arms. To complete I spraypainted black circles.

This Homemade Ladybug Halloween Costume was made with a little hot glue but without using a sewing machine. You could change the colors and accessories and make any costume you want. This makes a great dress-up outfit!

 Ladybug Halloween Costume

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