Cool Ladybug Costume

I had seen ladybug costumes in the shops for Halloween and wanted to buy one but they were expensive so I decided to get creative. I borrowed the black tutu from a friend. I had the red corset already and I purchased a ladybug set (wings, antanae and wand) in a costume shop. It was only $5.

I then purchased 2 12″ squares of both red and black felt and cut them up into small circles of about the size of the top of a juice carton/milk carton and sewed them onto the corset and a black skirt. I purchased the striped gloves in a costume jewelery shop.

To finish off the ladybug costume I had a red garter belt and black stockings. The skirt went on 1st and the tutu under it to give it lift and then the corset and tada – a unique ladybird outfit that everyone thought I had bought. Compliments all night.

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  1. OH MY GOSH!im only 12 years old, i wanna be a lady bug,my principal said we have 2 make our own and u got the best costume…ill try to make it…wish me luck…ok…thank you 4 the tips…lastly.what kind of skirt was over the tutu???


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