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Coolest DIY Popcorn Costume Ideas and Many Adult and Kid Costumes

Take a look at these cool homemade Popcorn costumes shared with us by costume enthusiasts from around the world. Along with the costumes here, you’ll also find loads of homemade costume ideas and DIY Halloween costume inspiration for your next costume project. Enjoy!

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Popcorn costume by Jennifer C., Mississauga, Ontario

Coolest Homemade Kid Costumes - Photo Gallery and How-To Tips

My local Mall has a costume contest every year. I wanted to make a costume this year so I went looking for ideas for kid costumes. My son took a bucket of popcorn one day and put it on his head and I thought of this costume.

I used a box that I got from the local grocery store, cut a hole in the top for the head and arm holes on each side. I had poster paint at home and pained the box in red and white stripes. For the popcorn sign I printed the word popcorn and cut it out in an oval shape.

The top of the box I covered smashed up tissue paper on the top and added real popcorn to decorate. The hat was a popcorn bucket bought at the grocery store. I painted it red and decorated it with real popcorn. I used a white turtle neck I had already and bought red track pants which can be used after Halloween. My son won first place! This is a very inexpensive costume but it is a crowd pleaser.

Total Spent: $10

Popcorn costume by Shannon L., Columbia Heights, MN

Popcorn Kid Costumes

I was surfing the Internet this year for homemade kid costumes that did not require me to sew anything and came across the kid costumes idea to make my daughter into a box of popcorn! I made it for her this year and she won 1st place in a kid costumes contest!

What you need: a box just the right size for your child to fit into, a pair of scissors, hot glue gun, glue double faced tape, 2 white sheets and 2 red sheets of poster board, red sweat suit and turtleneck, 1 baseball hat, and popcorn.

How to make:

Cut holes in side and top of box for your child’s head and arms. Cut red poster board to fit the sides of box and use double faced tape to attach it to box.

Cut out paper from around the holes. On the red poster board measure one-inch strips, cut them out, and use the double-sided tape to attach it to the box one-inch apart from each other.

Cut out one oval circle in red and a smaller oval circle in white and tape the white oval circle to the top of the red one. On the computer print up the word popcorn, print it out, and tape it to the center of the white circles (I placed one on the front and back of the box).

Next cut and tape red strips along the top and bottom of the box for a border. Hot glue the popcorn to the top of the box around the hole for your child’s head. Hot glue popcorn on the bill of the baseball hat and one piece on top of the hat. Hot glue a few pieces of popcorn to the front of the box of popcorn to make it look like it is falling out of the top of the box.

Now sit back and watch all of the compliments that you will get on this costume!

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