Homemade Toy Army Men Group Costume

Halloween is our favorite time of the year. Leaves are falling, warm colors, pumpkins, ghosts and little goblins everywhere! I am the oldest of three sisters. Both my younger sisters have five kids each and I have one. Together we have 11 exciting get-ups to assemble to each personality.

My middle sister is a wiz at coming up with a “catch your eye ‘ohhh, awww’! ” kind of costume. It took a couple of days due to drying, but it was well worth it. These four boys are cousins and it was so fun to see them pose, we won three contests. One contest was online on the Deliah show. That was exciting to win on such a popular radio show! They had their 15 minutes of fame, where once they were stopped by parents and were asked if they could take a picture of them with their daughter. We had the best time not only parading their costumes but putting them together.

My sister is all about the thrift stores. She bought most of their attire from our local second hand stores. First, we had to start with finding shirts and pants for all four boys. Since we could not find all the same color green she decided to dye the clothes so they would all match in color.

She gathered their old tennis shoes and found some hard hats at our local Dollar store, she picked up some green craft paint and got busy painting the hats and shoes. Next she had to think up a creative way to come up with their toy weapons. She wanted to make each one different like the real toy army men. So she took poster-board and rolled, folded, cut and shaped each one and painted them, guess what color, ummmm green!

The bottom of a toy soldier has a circle stand that they stand on. So my clever sister takes some cardboard boxes and shapes and glues them to the bottom of the shoes. This was a great idea, but found they couldn’t walk! We laughed and she figured out how to split the cardboard in half so they can walk, but when they were at a standstill it looked like one piece. Once they had their face painted and hair sprayed green and costumes on, Voila! Toy Army Men!