Our homemade plastic army men group Halloween costume idea was inspired by a 3D kids movie that was recently released which includes animated plastic army men. We loved the little guys so much we had to figure out a way to be them.

We purchased simple military jackets($10), pants ($25) and helmets ($30) from the local army surplus store, old work boots and some green semi gloss latex paint.

We mixed 3:1 paint with water (that way the spray gun would not get jammed with paint) and used a spray attachment (like one used to paint cars) with a compressor and painted everything with thin layers of paint(including our plastic guns).

TIP: prime any plastic being painted FIRST in order to ensure the paint sticks to the object and doesn’t rub off when you wear it. The paint held up great on the clothing and didn’t really chip or crack.

After letting it dry, we purchased some face paint that closely matched the final clothing colour and presto… plastic army men! We opted to rid ourselves of the platforms on our feet since we would be club hopping and could be dangerous on stairs and on the dance floor.

The costume was a hit and everyone, including the local police on duty. Some marching and funny chants all helped get peoples attention. People loved the costume and wanted lots of pictures. We all had fun with poses and at points would just stop and stand in a pose on the side of the road. Crowds would form and take pictures with us. It was a really fun costume to be in and well worth the effort.