My husband and I are always looking for creative Halloween costume ideas. Last year we decided to be Green Army Men! The idea was easy but making the costumes took some time.

We started out with military style clothing dyed with RIT dye. This idea didn’t get the look we were going for (we wanted that plastic look) Eventually we went with rain suits from a sporting goods store and spray painted them with green spray paint.

We got a lot of our accessories from military surplus store. Helmet, canteen, belts: we also painted these with the same green spray paint. We got our guns from a Halloween store and just painted them.

We bought our boots from a thrift store, spray painted them and screwed laminate floor tiles to them to create the base for our shoes. We tried using green latex body paint for our faces and arms but it was the right color so we went with a back up face paint. I wasn’t that stoked on how the face color came out. I wish it was darker and had better coverage.

here are definitely things I would do different on this Homemade Green Army Men Halloween Costume Idea looking back. The green spray paint never dried all the way on our rain suits. Because they are a slick material (and we used a lot of paint) they were still tacky in places. I would probably use two layers of the floor tile under our shoes (they started to crack by the end of the night). And I would look for a better green face/bady paint.

That all said and done, it was a super fun costume. We got a lot of compliments and pictures! Happy Halloween