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Cool Homemade Green Plastic Army Men Costumes

We decided we wanted to do a creative costume, and try to make it as realistic as possible. We decided to go with the Homemade Green Plastic Army Men Costumes. Although a few others have done this costume in the past, we felt we could take it to another level. We knew we needed to look plastic from head to toe, and we knew every item needed to be the same tone of green.

To achieve this we spray painted rain suits in a green gloss spray paint. We then purchased Helmets, goggles, rubber gloves, web belts, canteens, grenades, and flashlights to appear more authentic.

To mimic the actual toy army men we each had designated “positions/jobs.” One of us was a rifleman, for which we purchased a toy rifle and applied the green paint. Next we had a reconnaissance soldier who look out at the crowd through completely green binoculars. Finally we had a radio/communications guy who wore a backpack (completely gloss green of course), with a radio receiver and an antenna sticking out the top.

We headed to battle that night at the Belcourt Castle Halloween Bash in Newport, RI, by far one of the best and most elaborate Halloween parties in the country. The competition here is serious and passionate about winning, so we had our work cut out for us. Throughout the night we would wait for eyes to focus on us, and once a small crowd assembled to admire us we would place out green platforms on the ground and pose motionless while the crowd clapped and cameras flashed.

The entire night people would touch our suits and state, “Oh my goodness you feel plastic too!” A few others came up to us and told us it was like flashing back to their childhood. One party-goer even claimed to have the actual toy army men in each one of our poses at his house! We couldn’t be happier. We set out to be happy with our own costumes and make our night fun, and we ended up entertaining others at the party and making their night enjoyable.

Although there were many good costumes in attendance that night, we proudly won the Group Costume prize. We hope that you find our costume as creative and entertaining as others did, and hope that we can out do ourselves next year! Happy Halloween!

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  1. I’d love to do this as a group theme, which shade of green did you use? Brand name, exact color title etc would be helpful, and how did you cover your skin with it?


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