My grandson loves Star Wars and wanted to participate in a Star Wars costume contest at a Pirates game. There were no Ewok costumes anywhere to be found.  I thought how hard could this be to make:  I went to Joanne Fabric and purchased a cat costume pattern, and brown fur and other supplies.

This was actually very easy to make (I am by far not a sewer) I modified the pattern a little bit.  It was fun watching it come to life.  I did modify the head covering a bit to make it a little bit longer to cover the neck part of the costume. I took an old pair of my crocs (my grandson and I have the same size feet) and I glued the furry spats to them.  Awesome idea, nothing moved or came undone as he walked.

The face of the Ewok is an Avengers Mask (green glow in the dark) I masked off the teeth and sprayed the entire mask shinny brown.  Once the mask was dry I removed the tape and the teeth were WHITE.  I bought a cheap pair of sunglasses with ROUND lenses (must be brown)  and popped the lenses out and glued them over the eye holes.

Next was the fun part! I took an old coat and removed the faux fur collar and glued to the face.  AWESOME looking.  I used brown gloves and glued fur on them for the hands (gloves were actually from the groundhog store)

The shroud was the absolute hardest part ~ cut it on an angle and make sure you don’t cut the hole to big, it took me 3 times to get it right.  Tip: make a very small hole and work outwards.  I bought at Joann little buttons that looked like bones and cut a shoe lace to make the x’s on the top of the shroud.

My grandson loved it as did everyone else   It was fun to make and he will have memories to cherish forever.

I didn’t  have my grandson to try on the costume, so I had to go by guesstimation.