My “little” as I refer to him, was obsessed with Sponge Bob and begged to be him for Halloween. The costume took about two and half weeks to make and lots of prime orders (where you are shipped your items in two days!). There was a need for foam, paint, part of other costumes and a vision of the sponge himself. It was fun and pretty easy once the idea came together and my kid loved it!!

He wouldn’t do the costume contest so we have no idea where he would have placed but from the town’s reaction as we trick or treated our way through, I believe he would have done well. The major challenge was that it was a box. Getting up and down stairs was tough. Carrying his Halloween basket was pretty much impossible and fitting into doorways? Forget it! At one time he fell down a hill and could be heard yelling “Man Down!! Man Down!” since he couldn’t get up once the rolling stopped :-). It was a great time!