My kids decided to be Sponge Bob characters this halloween, and since I am big into repurposing and making costumes myself, the challenge was on!


All of these costumes are made out of 100% recycled materials!

Sponge bob is made from a couch cushion,  cardboard and foam, the clothes are made from recycled fabric. His eyes are sharpi markers drawn onto plastic salad bowls! His and Patrick’s jellyfish net (candybags) were repurposed from actual butterfly nets and made to look like tge nets they use hunting jellyfish on the show. Spongebob was quite the challenge to get just right and took a little over 12 hours straight from start to finish. The toughest part was hand picking out all of the sponge “holes”! It was totally tedious and took a couple hours but the end results were totally worth it and made it look much more authentic!

Patrick Star is made from carpet foam, mattress covers and the head is built on top of a baseball cap. Originally he was a huge starfish shape but when working with carpet foam, it is not the smoothest of things out there, so when my son put it on he said it was way too itchy and he wasn’t going to wear it. So with that, I set out to chopping off the arms & legs portions and made the alternate sweat pants & shirt in the same color as the mattress foam body and head! I was much more comfortable after that and he still looked fantastic rocking it Halloween night.

Mr. CRABS was made similar to Patrick Starfish, carpet foam with recycled fabric instead of mattress covering.  His claws were made from cardboard & foam with the awesome feature of having an attached money bag for collecting candy in one claw and the other claw was stuffed full of play money to hand out to kids when they were trick-or-treating. His head was made with quilt batting over a baseball hat!

There was nothing funnier than seeing them running around and all the little kids getting so excited that they looked soo much like the real characters! The boys had a blast and I had the best time seeing them enjoy the costumes I was able to create for them!

Check out our costume in action, here!