Homemade He-Man and She-Ra Couple Costume

This He-Man and She-Ra couple costume took us a couple months to compile.  My girlfriend dressed as She Ra and made her dress from scratch along with a modified Cleopatra mask that we had to take apart and put back together as well as attach a hair band to for the head dress.  Her hair is a wig.

Head to toe homemade He Man, boots bought off eBay, actually women’s Eskimo boots, fun fur shorts from a fabric store, leather belt from a thrift store, chest protector is a child’s baseball back catchers chest protector with a glued on Vinyl He Man cross, battle axe bought from Halloween store, and oh yes, the hair is real, we straightened my hair and cut across the bangs.  Wrist guards are real metal bought from a thrift store.

We by far had the best costumes at the party but we are starting to feel old as some of the under 30 crowd has no idea who He Man and She Ra actually are.

Homemade He-Man and She-Ra Couple Costume

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