I’m a big fan of ROYGBIV so I knew I wanted to make my son’s costume colorful, so that’s when I choose to make him an awesome gumball machine costume. Now he’s only 2 so I knew there would be certain limitations and things I couldn’t be too creative with, like having his head in a glass globe with real gumballs (choking and suffocation hazard).

So I started the process with finding a cute cartoon picture of a gumball machine I could replicate, then it was off to finding all the materials. I got some red and black felt, a hot glue gun, card stock, and aluminum foil. These are the materials I used for the machine bottom. Then came the obstacles: What should I use as the bubble and gumballs? I had to find something that wasn’t to big or bulky to over power his little body that could be filled with items that wouldn’t make it to heavy.

So I ended up using a Tupperware top and colored ping pong balls. This is where the hot glue gun became my best friend cause I just hot glued everything together with some ribbon as straps and there you have it, a bubblicious gumball machine costume. He was so cute and loved shouting one word all night, “GUMBALLS.”