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Homemade Girl Group KISS Costume

Making this homemade girl group KISS costume we used a lot of tin foil, duct tape and cardboard! We also bought used silver shimmery material for the cape, and different embellishments. We bought a simple makeup kit with black, white, and green and we each did our own. Gene Simmons had a fruit roll up tongue for pic purpose. Of course we each had to do some research on our character. We even made a KISS CD to jam out to while we got ready.

We Went to a local bar and everyone was taking pictures, we really felt like rock stars for the night! Lol. We entered the contest but H1N1 won (boo, all they had on were sweat suits and puff balls glued to them) oh well! It was still a blast! I’d do it all over again;)

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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