Homemade Elsa Costume – an Evil Twist on a New Story

Okay so this costume started off as a joke while my friends and I were shopping at Goodwill. We were looking through dresses and talking about halloween costume ideas when one of my friends said that we should do Disney. I was upset because I didn’t want to be so unoriginal but while we were shopping a friend of mine pulled out this stunning black dress and told me that I should try it on. So of course I did and I fell in love with it and just knew it had to be apart of my halloween costume.

I started looking online and found all sorts of fan art for “Evil” Elsa. I just knew it was what I was going to be. So then I went to the fabric section at the arc and found an old black sheer curtain and some black ribbon. When I got home I pulled out my crafting supplies and got to work. I laced the ribbon through the curtain rod slot and made the cape into a draw string. Then with the help of hot glitter glue I created the icicle effect on the bottom of the cape. The pendant was made out of layers upon layers of hot glitter glue and a half dollar coin.

The crown was my absolute favorite part to make because I used old Christmas icicles that you’d hang on the tree and sawed them so they’d be flat enough to put onto a headband. Then I took blue glitter glue and made the sparkle effect following the pattern of the icicle. Once stuck onto the crown my costume was complete.

I went out and did a photo shoot and a lot of people thought my costume was really original and something they hadn’t seen yet this halloween season. My friends said that I was by far the most creative one in the group. I think though I liked one of the little Elsa Halloween trick-or-treater’s reaction the best. She ran up to me and asked me who I was and I told her I was Elsa’s bad side and she laughed and said that the cold never bothered her anyway. It was adorable and something I really wont forget.