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Homemade Drunk 1 and Drunk 2 Couple Costume with a Pink Twist!

My friend and I usually always dress similar every Halloween and we were searching all over the internet for costume ideas for this year. After doing a lot of searching and not finding something that we thought would be “different” from everyone else’s, I finally found a really cute Thing 1 and Thing 2 costume and so I thought about the Drunk 1 and Drunk 2 shirts I have seen my friends wearing lately and thought we could put a little twist on the Thing’s costume and make up our own colors instead of the red and blue.

So we decided on pink, black, and white! We searched all over for a cute pink wig and all of them had such ugly bangs so after purchasing 3 different wigs we decided to go with the afro pink ones! Then just found a pink tutu to make the wig and we went online to search for a Drunk 1 and Drunk 2 tank top and to my surprise there are a lot of websites with different options for the shirt that has the drunk saying on it. We ended up having a blast and everyone said how cute and creative our costumes were!

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