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Homemade Computer Halloween Costume

Zach’s Computer Costume 2010 — This costume, to be honest, was not handmade by us. A couple of years ago we were in a reuse centre and my son, Zach, then 5 years old, was so thrilled to find this costume. He kept saying “I can’t believe anyone would give this away!” It really was a great find. This year, when he finally made up his mind he would use it for his costume, I did have to spruce it up quite a bit by gluing tin foil over the spray painted box. We went with the shiny black long underwear underneath to give it a modern computer look. He had a great time wearing the costume at school…but it wasn’t so good for gymnastics class. He got lots of compliments on it when going door to door Hallowe’en night. Everyone loves to see a unique, handmade costume.

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